Thursday, 21 April 2016


Hello Folks,

Kindly ensure the list of qualities expected by the companies from their employees

* Professionalism - To have unique and up-to-date knowledge and have the capability to apply. Competent vision and opinion and capability to achieve the results.

* Initiative - To make new proposals, show their interest to participate and contribute to performance improvement.

* Responsibility - To achieve the result within the time frame. Ready to accept the failure.

* Effective and capability to find non-routine Solutions - Generating new solutions rather than following the traditional approaches and processes.

* Loyalty - Dedicated involvement in all the activities of the company. Avoiding the destructive negative criticism and ready to jump to solve the company problems.

* Co operation with the fellow employees - Ready to participate in the cross functional teams. Giving positive and effective response to the requests of the co workers, ready to share the information.

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