Saturday, 16 April 2016

Stay Motivated - Job Search


One of the main attribute of a successful job seeker is persistence. Here is some of the tips to stay POSITIVE !!!

The first hour of your day is GOLDEN.The thoughts you make, the action you do decide the performance level of the whole day. Get up as if you are working in a company.

Set your daily goals : Goals will keep you focused, motivated and will keep positive about your future. Keep your goals realistic, timely, achievable and remember to celebrate whenever you are achieving it.

Right Environment : Keep your home well organised as if you are inside an office. This will help you stay focused on your target.

Food habit : It always matters what you put inside your body. Stay away from fatty foods and try to limit your smoke / alcohol intake. Healthy body always leads to a healthy mind.

Like minded People: Try to make network with other job seekers. This will help you share experiences. Try to share meet and share the experiences and strategies at least once a week.

CV Preparation : You may need to customise your CV for each job. Sooner or later when ever there is a need.

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